Tranzister Radio is looking for audio submissions for our upcoming episode, Making Money : Entrepreneurial Activities and Survival Strategies.

On tranzister radio this month, we want to know how you are making a living (or not). We want to hear about your relationship with money, your experiences with jobs or with self employment. What have you been up to and how are you surviving?

Potential submissions ideas:

  • Stories about employment or self-employment.
  • Critiques of capitalism and normalization survival.
  • Interview with trans folks who are working for themselves.
  • Songs or Poetry related to the theme.
  • Tips for trans* survival.

Submission guidelines 10-12 minute max!

-If you are able to record your own audio and edit it and send us an audio file that would be the best! Audio submission deadline : May 6th

-If you want to tell us a story but have no recording equipment:

For Local Montrealers, we can book studio time at CKUT and help you record/edit your audio.

For people outside of the city, if you have access to a  phone or a computer, we can schedule a time to record your voice over Skype or on the phone. Email us by May 2nd to schedule recording time with us.

-You can also submit a written piece to be read on the air by us.

The show airs live 2pm, May 9th on

Email : TransfolkRadio (at) gmail (dot) com

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